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The Finnish Miniature Pig Association has been founded in 1997.
After active years it´s been silent almost ten years until the board was renewed December 2013. Members of board of directiors are either breeders or otherwise active piggy owners. We are committed to increase awareness about the species and ready to give information about mini-pigs as pets.


Board of directors 2018:

- President Marjo Saarimaa
- Vice president Sinikka Satela
- Secretary Jenni Nieminen (member publications)
- Treasurer Lauri Lindblom (member register)
- Register Veera Heikkilä (minipig register)

- Elina Hänninen (trade)

- Minna Hölttä (trade)

- Päivi Huhtinen (informing)



The main goal is to increase awareness about the species and mini-pigs as pets. You will find reliable and updated info on our webside and you can always contact our board of directors or our recommend breeders.
Our goals are  a enthusiasts and breeders and facilitate getting info to those who are considering  a mini-pig and find reliable breeder who will support owners throughout piggys life. Cooperation with official institutions like veterinarians and other authorities. Start and maintenance breeder registry. In the future organize courses and events. Keep updating the websides so that will serve breeders and hobbyists.


Päivitetty: 06.01.2018


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